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Caren Corliss, Executive Assistant

With more than a decade of office management experience, Caren keeps Voorhies and Associates running smoothly. Her impeccable organization skills, attention to detail, and ability to multitask allow her to juggle many roles on the Voorhies and Associates team. Whether processing payroll, scheduling the Voorhies and Associates team, onboarding new team members, or interacting with our community partners and perspective clients, Caren effortlessly manages many moving parts and always does so with a positive attitude and a smile. Caren is also an Oregon Health Care Association certified ALF/RCF administrator. In her free time, Caren enjoys running, hiking, camping, or attending her kids’ hundreds of sporting events. She loves spending time with her family and her puppy. 

Jill Martin, Director of Communications

Jill Martin is the Jill of  All Trades at Voorhies and Associates. She manages all our social media accounts, writes press releases, marketing materials, and team member handbooks, and develops trainings and curriculum. Jill holds a Ph.D. in Education with an emphasis in Curriculum and Social Foundations. Her extensive background in education, her experience teaching and mentoring college students as an adjunct professor, and her previous role as an Assistant Editor of The Journal of Curriculum Theorizing help to bring a fresh and outside-the-healthcare-field-box perspective to Voorhies and Associates. In her spare time, Jill can be found volunteering at her children's schools, helping out a political campaign, doing yard work, reading a book, or walking her two Golden Retriever puppies.

Suzi Spaulding, Client Relations Specialist

Suzi has been with Voorhies and Associates since its formation. She works behind the scenes to ensure that travel arrangements and accommodation planning go smoothly. Suzi’s fine eye for detail, calm and positive demeanor, and exceptional bookkeeping skills make her a great fit for the Voorhies and Associates team. Suzi lives in Central Oregon. She loves music, cooking, summer camping trips, and spending time with her family friends. When not working for Voorhies and Associates, Suzi can be found caring for her nonagenarian father or chasing after her two grandsons.

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