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Voorhies & Associates was founded in 2017 by Raeann Voorhies, RN.


Voorhies & Associates was founded in 2017 by Raeann Voorhies, RN. Throughout her tenure in the field of assisted living, Raeann has witnessed compassionately talented professionals leaving the profession due to intensifying concerns about regulatory oversight. In turn, she has seen executive staff struggle to find high performers for these leadership positions when turnover strikes. Raeann formed Voorhies & Associates with the many challenges facing senior living communities in mind and with the strong desire to provide resources and coaching to strengthen the profession, develop leaders, and implement systems and oversights that enhance the care of seniors. In the short time since Voorhies & Associates was established, it has grown into a premiere senior living management and consulting firm in the Pacific Northwest. We have partnered with more than 60 communities in Oregon and Washington and are growing our business every day by delivering small-town charm, progressive thinking, and best-in-class quality care for our senior and assisted living partners. 

Raeann Voorhies, President

Raeann has spent nearly 20 years working in senior living communities. She began her career in the maintenance department fresh out of high school, worked nights as a caregiver and med tech during college, moved into health services and nurse consulting after graduating with her RN, and most recently, served as a regional director of operations for a large senior living company in the Pacific Northwest before founding Voorhies & Associates. Raeann has a track record of successful operations and health care and quality outcomes. She is a hands-on leader who offers gentle approaches to bring out the best in staff. She has successfully assisted over 15 communities in receiving NCAL/AHCA Quality Awards, received the Oregon Health Care Association (OHCA) Leader of the Year award in 2016, and serves as the Oregon State Chair for the American Assisted Living Nurses Association. In April 2018, Raeann was appointed to Oregon's Quality Measurement Council by Governor Kate Brown and is currently serving a four-year term. Raeann lives in Central Oregon with her husband and two young sons. She loves hiking, camping, and other outdoor adventures, throwing a good party for family and friends, and cooking up delicious meals including her famous tamales. Raeann’s passion and enthusiasm for helping others and living life to the fullest are an inspiration to the Voorhies and Associates team and our senior living community partners. 

Luke Voorhies, Chief Operating Officer

Luke serves as the liaison between Voorhies and Associate employees and our senior living partners. His goal is to form partnerships built on trust and accountability. He believes that it is possible to create positive experiences for all stakeholders when clear goals and high expectations are communicated from the start. Luke also oversees the caregiving interim services provided by Voorhies and Associates. Luke’s background in education and his 8 years of experience teaching in elementary and middle school classrooms ensure he has never met a challenge that he cannot solve calmly and with a bit of humor. Luke lives in Central Oregon with his wife Raeann and their two young sons. He enjoys outdoor adventures, including camping, hiking, and kayaking. When not wrangling kiddos or exploring a new trail, you can find him growing hops and brewing beer. 


To develop confident, skilled, and extraordinary senior living professionals through hands-on leadership, on-going collaboration, and evidence-based care practices.


Heather Madden RN, VP of Health Services

Heather has nearly 10 years working in senior living communities. She began her career as caregiver in assisted living in 2002 while working towards her BSN from the University of Portland. Heather spent her first several years as an RN working in the Acute Care setting in several Oregon Hospitals and also as a traveling nurse in hospitals along the west coast and New Zealand. Upon return to the Portland area, Heather entered back into the community-based care setting to work in health services and nurse consulting. Heather has found her passion in senior living. She truly enjoys working with residents, staff, and families where she can build long lasting relationships with significant purpose. Heather is specifically interested in teaching and training with an approach that aims to simplify and clarify the stringent and complex regulatory requirements of today. She strives to “teach the language of senior living” to the professionals she works with, to allow them to be as successful and confident with their documentation as they are with the loving care they provide to our seniors every day. Coming on board with Voorhies and Associates has allowed Heather a wonderful platform to teach, train, and learn from many, many talented and committed healthcare and senior living professionals. Heather Lives in Scappoose, Oregon with her husband and two young children. She loves traveling, meeting new people, hiking and running and the occasional reality TV show.


WE CARE: Above all else, we care about the services we are delivering. Whether we are assisting a community with interim RN coverage or helping a community recover from a poor state inspection, we care. Our passionate convictions are evident during each interaction with our partners and with the seniors residing in our communities. Our primary focus is on the customer and the resident, and we always strive to overachieve expectations.

WE COLLABORATE: We believe in meaningful collaboration with our partners. We function as an extended member of any community we enter and treat their results as our own. We seek to understand challenges through attentive listening. We eliminate work silos to bridge best practices across the interdisciplinary team. We provide open and honest feedback and are transparent in all conversations.

WE LEAD: We lead with others in mind first. We believe in the replication of teaching others to lead and are fully committed to supporting professional growth within our community partners. We model the way through exemplary leadership and coaching. We take a caring, gentle-spirited, and good-humored approach to developing relationships with all our our partners.

WE ARE AGILE: We believe in being agile and flexible to meet and exceed the needs of our community partners. We solve problems by combining out-of-the-box thinking, ingenuity, and innovation with sound decision making and realistic follow-up strategies.

WE HAVE INTEGRITY: We are leaders of great integrity. Our daily practices and interactions are guided by strong ethics and nobleness in character. We believe relationships are built on honesty, trust, commitment, and accountability.

WE EXPECT EXCELLENCE: We give our best efforts to our partners every day. We embrace and promote resident-centered, evidence-based, best care practices through hands-on leadership and exceptional customer service. We set high standards of care and always seize the opportunity to improve.

WE HAVE FUN: We believe that work should be fun. We enjoy what we do and wake up each day looking forward to the opportunity to help seniors. We believe in the power of positivity and know the day-brightening potential of a smile and kind word. We value camaraderie, celebrate team and community successes, and encourage our team members to pursue their passions to achieve work life balance.

© 2018 by Voorhies & Associates.

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